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Caught on your own spike

Following on from all the guff this week about Gordon Brown supposedly mis-spelling the name of Jamie Janes in a letter of condolence (and it really does take a special kind of sanity/logic to name your child with almost-matching first and surnames, doesn’t it?) and the Sun’s hate campaign about it, I just love this…

Yes, they mis-spelled it too

Yes, they mis-spelled it too

But of course it’s OK for the Sun to mis-spell it (as “Jones”, in case anyone cared) and not incur the wrath of – um – The Sun.

Hypocritical fuckers.

Always With You

Via a range of weird and wonderful links (just don’t ask, OK?) I came across a site called “Pictures of Jesus 4 U” which really has to be seen to be (dis)believed.

For me, the worst/creepiest ones are done by a guy called Larry van Pelt, (Pelt also has his own site here) which raise bad art to a new level. Go on, go and have a look.

What’s even scarier is that (I assume) some people actually pay for these images. There’s just no accounting for taste, I suppose…


Bah, HumbugIn a bit of deja vu from roughly this time last year, my new workplace is organising a big Christmas Party, and I’m doing my best to avoid it.

Thankfully I’ve got a couple of decent non-Scrooge reasons for not going (no partners, an hour’s drive afterwards, not actually wanting to be sober amidst a bunch of pissed bastards) as well as the fact that I simply don’t want to go, and have no interest whatsoever in going.

This year I’m not quite in the position of “I don’t like you when I work with you, why the fuck would I want to socialise with you outside work hours” (yet) which is somewhat of a novelty in itself. But just because I don’t (yet) want to maim them horribly doesn’t mean I want to socialise with them on a Festering Season do either.

So I’m making my excuses and not bothering to go. Suits me fine.

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