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Places to avoid

If you were planning on going to Nottingham this coming weekend, this story is a pretty good explanation of why you really should change plans

Dell, Apple, and HP

Yet again today I’ve been involved in an argument about the costs of Dell vs. Apple laptops. It gets really old, really fast.

All the normal excuses get trollied out, “They’re not that more expensive really”, “Apple Macs are lovely, and built from a solid block of aluminium”, “Dells fucking suck” so forth, so fifth.

So for the sheer fuck of it, I decided to do a comparison. Dell vs. Apple Mac vs. HP (as one person recommended). HP isn’t really fair, as they don’t appear to offer much in the way of customisation.

The spec : An “office-ready” machine. (i.e. not Dell’s low-end inspiron, but corporate Latitude). 4Gb RAM. 500Gb hard disk (or highest size possible). Best possible monitor/screen resolution. And what we come up with is this :

HP Dell Apple
Model HP Compaq 6730b Latitude 6500 Macbook Pro
Screen Size 15″ 15″ 15″
Processor 2.53Ghz Core Duo 2.53Ghz Core Duo 2.53Ghz Core Duo
Hard Disk 250Gb 250Gb 250Gb
Resolution 1280×800 1920×1200 1440×900
DVD Drive Not Specced 8x DVD +/RW Superdrive 8x (DVD +R DL/DVD)
Additional Info, as requested by Matt in the comments
Dimensions WxH : 35.6×26.6cm
Depth: 3.4cm
WxH : 35.8×25.7cm
Depth : 3.3cm
WxH : 36.4×24.9cm
Depth: 2.41cm
Weight 2.7Kg 2.3Kg 2.5Kg
Price £767 inc VAT £1105 VAT £1299 incl VAT

Not the most convincing (once you’ve added in VAT – Dell and HP don’t show it ’til afterwards) but still the Apple is nearly £200 more than it’s nearest competitor.

Interesting though.

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