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I saw a trail for this TV programme (on BBC Three, no less) earlier this week, and assumed it was just a massive piss-take where I’d missed either a) the run-up or b) the punchline.

But no, apparently it’s real. A programme called “Move like Michael Jackson“.

And if your instant thought (like mine) was “Well that’s not going to be difficult, is it?” then you’re going to Hell too.

See you there.

Relocation Irritation

I caught an old episode of Channel 4’s “Relocation Relocation” last night, and yet again my old problem with the programme reared its head.

In short, while I get that some people do need to do the “two properties” thing, why do so many of the ones on this programme have such tight budgets?

I’m sure that most of them end up getting sane, and buying just one place in the end. But it seems to me that most of the people on there are really taken with the idea of “a little Pied á Terre” in London while living “out in the country” for weekends until they look at the practicalities of it.  I’m sure it’s a situation that works for some people (for example, I could sort-of see myself doing it, if I were getting paid enough and working in London while still being here in Norfolk) but it’s a nightmare to do. Yes, it’d be nicer than staying three or four nights per week in a cocking Travelodge, but at the same time would it be any cheaper? I doubt it.

Personally I’d rather have a nicer/larger place out in the country – and if I did have to be working in London (or wherever) then I’d just use a hotel or a B&B and get a decent bulk-buy rate.

But maybe I’m just more sensible (or perhaps just less mad) than the people on Relocation Relocation.

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