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Tiger Woods and Accenture

First of all I have to say that I really don’t give a tin shit about Tiger Woods, who he has (or hasn’t) shagged, or anything else about the situation. Not my business. Don’t know him, will never know him, don’t really care what he does with his life, wife, others, or anything else.

However, I did find it funny today that Accenture have decided that in light of his activities and revelations, Tiger Woods is no longer ‘the right representative’ for them.

For those who don’t know, Accenture used to be Arthur Andersen, a global outsourcing and consultancy company.

In my experience, consultancy companies come in all full of themselves and how great they are, fuck you up all over the place, charge extortionately for the privilege, and then screw off with the money, leaving a shitpile of fuckuppery behind them.

As such, I’d say that Tiger Woods right now is the perfect person to represent them…

Two Months Already

Hard though it is to believe, it’s already two months since I started the new job.

Time’s flown, it feels like it’s been a lot longer that I’ve been there.

Even better, so far – and I’m aware that this is normally where things start to go tits-up – things are going well. Of course, I’m not counting on anything yet, but well, nothing’s gone wrong yet. And that’s not bad, for me.

Crossing to Nowhere

While out shopping for some bits yesterday, we came across this crossing in a carpark in Norwich…

Crossing to Nowhere

Crossing to Nowhere

Yep, that zebra-crossing actually ends up in a hedge. No pathway, no throughfare, nothing. Just cross the road, walk into a hedge.


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