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This week I’ve been in the new job for three months, which meant it was the end of my probationary period.

It’s also meant I’ve gone through an assessment, which was an interesting experience, to say the least. It’s been remarkably positive – in fact, it’s been excellent – and it’s been nice to see that the company really does appreciate what I’ve been doing with them in that time.

Somehow I’ve managed to get “Excellent” grades throughout the assessment. Even the bits of self-assessment where I’d graded myself as less than Excellent have been upgraded from the company’s perspective.

All told, it’s resulted in a 15% pay rise – not bad – and confirmation of my role asĀ  Lead Developer. I’ve emphatically said that for now I don’t want a title with Manager in it – I still feel I’m more of a doer than a manager, it has to be said.

I’m happy with the results of the assessment, and that the probation period is over. I’ve known from early on that my job was pretty safe, that I’ve been doing a lot of work and fixing a lot of stuff that has been inherited from previous developers etc, but all the same it’s still good to know that the probation period is well and truly over.

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