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When I went to see “Avatar”, I got in in time to see some of the adverts before things started – not just the trailers and ads, but the localised ones that show while people are coming in.

I don’t know how much they cost – they’re just basic flat ads with not much happening – but one caught my irritation all the same. It was for a company called Selesti, and was just a plain white page with blue text saying “We make websites”, and some contact details.

It was pretty much the dullest ad in the set – an achievement in itself – and really surprised me. For a company that’s supposed to be all creative and whizzy, the ad didn’t speak of any of that. It actually conveyed “We paid for this, but really couldn’t be arsed to do anything with it”.  Even if they’d used “We Write Websites” it would’ve been better, and would’ve at least implied the connection to www. addresses/domains. But no, “We make websites”.

I wonder how much business Selesti have gained through this ad at the cinema? Even more, I wonder how much they’ve lost…

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2 thoughts on “Creative

  1. But, you remembered the name, and linked to it.

    Sometimes simple is best. ‘We make websites’ not ‘we make cinema ads’.

  2. No, I actually made a note of the name/ad, because the name of the company completely escapes me. 🙂

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