Great invention, the nuclear hand-grenade. Now all we need is someone to throw it thirty miles.

Archive for the day “February 18, 2010”

Script Frenzy

This may be a really really bad idea, but I’ve signed up for this year’s Script Frenzy in April.

The challenge is to write 100 pages of screenplay in the 30 days of April. Should be interesting – assuming I can get my brain and motivation into gear.

Anyway, I’ve signed up, and we’ll see how it goes.

Potential Downtime

At some point over the next week, D4D is going to be offline for a while.

I’ve had an email from my hosting company, and they’re going to be moving my account over from the current server to a new one.

With luck it’ll all run smoothly and with no hassles at all. But it might be that things go tits up for a while ’til I fix them.

We’ll see.

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