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Village Life

This week has been fairly eventful in the life of one of the nearby villages.

On Tuesday Norfolk police arrested a man about the suspicious disappearance of his wife, Emma Ward, who hasn’t been seen since the start of April. Since then the house has been taped off, and there’s always a police person sat outside it in a car. He’s been released on bail for the moment, but it’s all a bit “wait and see if she appears”. Her friends have put up a Facebook group, and it’s had coverage in the local media too.

It’s strange really – I walk past their house every day with Hound, and you realise afterwards that you haven’t seen two cars there for a while, but you don’t really think about it ’til something like this occurs. I do keep an eye open as I walk round, but still you don’t think about that kind of thing. I wouldn’t know either of them in the street – while I know some of the people in the village,and others as I walk round, I couldn’t put names to most of them, and I certainly don’t know their life histories. Maybe I should- personally I don’t think so, but there we go- but I don’t.

I’m not one of these “Oh, it’s so shocking that it happens near where we live” merchants – this kind of thing goes on wherever you live. It’s just it’s not the first thing in your head – “Oh, the car hasn’t been there. I wonder what’s happened to the owner”.

Of course I’ve mentioned it to the plod sat outside, that one car’s not been there for a while. In a fit of community spirit I even remembered that Google StreetMap had gone through the village a while back, and was able to give them a printout of the StreetMap photo of the house with the now-missing car in the driveway. (No numberplate, but it gives them a colour, make and model to work from) I’m sure they knew already, but well, I’d rather they got told thirty times than everyone assuming they’d got the information already.

My personal suspicion is that she’s dead. If she’d just disappeared then you’d think the husband would be the first person to report it, and to take far less than six weeks to do so. Not reporting her missing just makes you look so suspicious anyway, but the entire thing just strikes me as strange.

Ah, the intrigues of village life.


You may recall that back in March 2009, the accountant I had for my company went bust. The basic summing-up of why he went bankrupt/insolvent (not sure if they’re the same or not, and don’t much care) can be listed as :

  1. Franchising isn’t a great idea – the fees he was paying to Tax Assist were huge
  2. If you’re in trouble like this, don’t take out other loans to shore up the business. It all comes back to bite you on the arse.

Yesterday I got the final official documents from The Insolvency Service, explaining that (as expected) they’d got absolutely sod-all from the cunt’s assets, so no-one who’d paid him fees in the run-up to tax-return time would get anything at all.

Even better, they’d managed to attach the asset-release summing up for a completely different person with the same surname, from two years previously. Oh whoops.

I’ve made them aware of it, but had no response currently. I’ll get nothing from my useless fuckstick bastard of an ex-accountant.

All told, not a great day.

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