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During my regular commute at the moment, I drive down the M11 into London. This involves one of my most-loathed junctions ever – the M11/M25 junction.

If you hit it at the wrong time, it can be snarled up beyond belief, for miles on either side. It’s a hateful piece of road.

You can begin to see why from the Google Maps image of it…

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It’s just a nasty piece of work. If you’re sticking to the M11 coming from London, you have not one but two lanes trying to get onto it from the M25, and everyone tries to get out into the outside lane. It’s totally common to see people wedging their cars into gaps only slightly larger than the cars themselves, and it leads to tailbacks and frustration.

Then once you’re (finally) past the two lanes, all the idiots decide that they’ll stay out in the outside lane, and add their stupidity to the mix too.

All in all, it’s a piece of road that I loathe with a passion.


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