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Skewing Perceptions

This story from Business Insider contains one of the worst (or cleverest, depending on your perspective) graphs in history.

The story is about gun deaths in Florida, and contains the graph below, created by Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement.


Looks like deaths went down after the “Stand Your Ground” law came in, doesn’t it?

But no, look at that Y axis on the chart (or the bold ‘totals’). The scale is upside down – so gun deaths actually increased after that law came in.

I can hear Blue Witch gnashing her teeth about that graph already…

Giving The Game Away

Yesterday, for want of anything better to do, I went to see Ride Along at the cinema. I expected it to be bad – but screw it, it was free (although if it hadn’t been, I’d have been wanting my money back. Hell, I considered asking for a refund anyway)

It’s definitely an early contender (in my opinion) for the Worst Film of the Year (Mainstream / ‘Comedy’) category, but (as said) I pretty much expected that. Hated it. Although others in the audience at least laughed, so I guess that’s something.

What did surprise me though was how many of the key ‘jokes’ and scenes had been given away in the trailer – but also how many people still laughed at them.

It made me wonder if they’d actually seen the trailer before going to see the film, and if so, had forgotten them in the intervening time.

All very strange.

You Had One Job…

While out and about this weekend, I spotted this sign, and simply had to stop and take a picture of it…

How worrying is it when an Estate Agent can't spell reserved

Romans Estate Agents, you had one job, and this is what you get…

(Amusingly, their website also claims “a thorough approach to every aspect of our business”)

It’s a Pie

Another in the occasional series of “adverts that annoy me” – this one is one of the ones from Santander (which I still think are creepy, as I have said before)

Why does it annoy me? Again, because of one line.

At the start, we can see that the guy is making a pie, and putting a pastry lattice over the top. Yet the woman says

“I really like what you’re doing with that cake”

It’s a fucking pie, you idiot.

Bad Writing

Recently my visits to the local cinema have included the trailer below, for a new film called “Winter’s Tale

Within that trailer is the line

I’ve had no memory for as long as I can remember

which just drives me crackers. Seriously, people get paid for writing piss like that?

I mean, if you’ve no memory then of course it’s for as long as you can remember. Because you’ve got no fucking memory, you insufferable ballbag!

And breathe…


As regular readers know, this is one of my least-favourite days of the year. I waver between which is most loathed between Valentine’s and Christmas – I think Valentine’s generally comes higher, because it really is far more of a marketing event. At least the Festering Season has a basis in something older (even if it is religious and thus still utterly fictional) whereas Valentine’s really is just about making single people feel bad.

I know, it’s originally the official day for St Valentine, and it’s always been related to love – but it does seem to have been appropriated by marketing, chocolate and flowers over the years.

As usual I’m avoiding as much of it as possible.

Organised Requirements

The current work I’m doing is all very last-minute. It’s turned out to be a project where the advert agency is doing work on a conference site for a very large company, and the deadline is – um – next Monday, the 3rd Feb. I started it on Monday, so it’s five days to create a full working conference site, content management, booking and registration, pre-conference information and projects, and post-conference networking. No pressure.

It’ll be done – I’m pretty much used to last-minute projects, deadlines and the like – but it’s pretty scary when you see just how disorganised companies are. They’re still not ready for a lot of it, the content of the pages isn’t ready (so that’ll be yet more last-minute Friday afternoon stuff) and there are random bits still being decided upon, even today, with very little plan or notice.

It’s pretty shambolic, really.  But such is life, and I can live with it in general. After all, in some ways it’s what keeps me in work…

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