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One Month

ScroogeAmong other things, it’s good to know that in a month’s time, the Festering Season will be over and done with for another nine months.

Then there’s just New Year to get done with, and we’ll be all “Hello 2017!”

I’ve a lot planned for 2017 – although it’ll be a very different year to 2016. A lot quieter – intentionally so – in order to get done a bundle of stuff I’ve been thinking about this year, and wanting to have the time to do it.

In general, I’m currently quite optimistic about things, so it’ll be interesting to see how things work out.

Final Weeks

We’re coming to the end of 2016, and things are (kind of) calming down a bit here.

Mind you, in the next month the main events are

  • Seeing Glenda Jackson in King Lear at the Old Vic in London
  • Seeing The Tempest in Stratford-upon-Avon
  • A Festive BurgerCrawl in London – only Christmas Special burgers allowed. (That’s pretty much planned already)
  • Meals at five Michelin-starred restaurants, including one for New Year’s Eve

and alongside that there’s also

  • at least one techie meetup/socialisation night
  • two social things with other friends and contacts
  • a minimum of three films (that’re already booked) including Rogue One and Passengers, plus any others I choose to see

That’s about it – except for the standard stuff around the Festering Season as well.

And yet still, that’s a lot quieter and calmer than a lot of the year has been. Which just goes to show, sometimes I can be a spectacularly busy idiot…

It’s Begun

ScroogeSo here we are. Not even ten days into November, and the run-up to the Festering Season is fully underway.

The Christmas adverts have kicked in- and the ‘event’ ones like John Lewis etc. will be launching over the next few days.

The supermarkets have got all their tat out already, the cards, mince pies, chocolates etc., and even the fucking Christmas trees in the entrances, for shit’s sake.

Of course, the TV schedules are filling up with the standard reality TV run-ups, the BBC’s “Strictly” and ITV’s “X-Factor”.

Seven weeks or so to go, and it’ll be over for another nine months or so. In the meantime, D4D will be brought to you courtesy of the words “For”, “Fuck’s” and “Sake”. As usual.

The End Is Nigh

ScroogeIt’s the first post of the year to see Scrooge!

As of tonight, we’re officially in the run up to the Festering Season.  How do I know? Because tonight on TV there’s the first episode of the new series of X-Factor.

Not that I’ll be watching it, but it’s definitely the harbinger of the year’s end…

Run Down

The first week of 2016 has been quiet round here, mainly because my health took a bit of a kicking.

Over the Festering Season I’d developed a cough/cold that was annoying and persistent, but was fading out as we went into the New Year.

Then this week, it looks (on current evidence) like I got a dose of food poisoning from the meal on New Years’ Eve. Nothing major, but enough to debilitate, with a reduced level of sleep (and when you sleep as badly as I do, that’s relevant) and knock-on effects.

The food poisoning has been reported back to the restaurant, by the way, and we’re going through that process.

That’s pretty much gone now, thankfully.

What I’m left with is another vile hacking cough/cold – which I’m keeping an eye on, to make sure it doesn’t turn nasty and infected, as some of them do with me – and just feeling ropy, with weird aches and twinges elsewhere.

None of it’s serious, none of it has stopped me from working. It’s all just a bit annoying.

Still, onwards and upwards, and all that rot.

New Year, Same Ads

ScroogeAs always, now we’re out of the Festering Season, the TV is full of ads for holidays, sales, weight-loss and stopping smoking.

Regardless, I’m just happy it’s over once more, and some semblance of normality can return.

I haven’t yet seen any full-size Easter eggs in the shops – although I have seen Creme eggs and Mini Eggs – but I bet they’re on sale already.

An Organised Christmas

ScroogeIt’s well-known that I’m not the greatest fan of the Festering Season. I do observe it and sort things out for family and closest friends, but still tend to avoid the overboard hysteria of the entire season. There’s a whole number of reasons for being this way, and I can’t be arsed with going into them on this. It’s a subject that’s been pretty much done to death anyway.

This year,the run-up to the Festering Season has all been remarkably organised and gone very smoothly, which is a thing of joy.

Everything possible was done, bought, organised, and (where necessary) posted or delivered a couple of weeks ago. The only thing that remained – albeit in two stages – was food-based, getting the week’s food order in, and then today collecting the final pre-ordered bits, which was all done at Antisocial O’clock this morning, when the roads and shops were still blissfully empty.

I hate food shopping in the week before Christmas – the shops are just full of tosspots going mad because the shops are going to be closed for a whole 30 hours.  I never understood why there always seem to be more people at Christmas, all of whom are buying more. Surely if it’s all about entertaining and having guests, there’d be half the number of people but buying twice as much? Only it doesn’t work out that way.

Internet-based shopping (and delivery thereof) has made this whole process as painless as possible. So long as you’re organised, you can book a slot in the week up to Christmas, order everything you know you want, and that’s it. Yes, there’s the slight roulette of out-of-stock items and so on, but that’s more about luck and timing than anything else.  In my case, I got the delivery on Monday and everything I’d ordered was in stock and all was easy and fine.  Indeed, the worst thing about it was that I had to lock the cats out of the living room while everything was delivered, which disturbed them quite a lot – I don’t think they’d actually realised the door could be closed, let alone be closed with them on The Other Side.

Collecting the final pre-ordered bits today was also painless – in and out, no hassles.

It really is a most civilised way to do things.

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