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Easing Up

As regular readers will know, I’ve been working fairly hard over the last eighteen months when it comes to weight loss.

In 2014, I’d lost two stone, and I was planning (hoping) to do the same this year, which would get me to something close to where I want to be.

However, this year it’s not gone all that well. (And yes, I know we’re only halfway through the year, there’s still time to sort things) I’ve stayed around the same place weight-wise, although I’ve been doing a lot more – both more walking, and also getting back to going to the gym.

As a result, my health and fitness are improving significantly, but the weight is staying the same.

I know there’s a load of guff spoken about muscle being heavier than fat, and all that, but I’ve still been finding it pretty demoralising to do a load of work, walking, or working out, then step on the scales and see the same figures there, week after week.

So – I’m not giving up, but I am easing off on checking my weight. I can feel the changes, and see the differences in measurements etc. (although I haven’t recorded the measurements themselves) and that’ll do me for now.

Reducing Available Excuses

Over the last month, I’ve been getting back into going to the gym. At first it’s been more about just adding it in to my regular routine – and that’s been fairly successful, I’m pleased to say.  I do intend to go through things with a personal trainer and so on, figure out what my goals and targets should realistically be (and there’s some other parts to that too, but more of those at another time) but for now it’s been more about just going, doing some stuff there, and just getting it back into my normal day.

With the exception of last week – where I’d twatted my foot (again) enough that it was painful to walk on, let alone do any serious exercise/workout/walking – it’s worked out fairly well, and I got in at least twice a week.

This week, with the foot back to being OK (or at least OK enough) I was back to going, even though I really wasn’t in the mood, and frankly I was too fucking hot to want to go.  But I still went.

My philosophy at the moment is to go when I don’t want to, when the conditions are crap – too wet, too windy, too hot, too whatever – to make sure that I’ve no excuses on normal days. The only time where excuses are allowed are when I’m hurting, and it’ll affect them (and possibly make them worse) by going.  That’s it.

So having been on the hottest day of the year, I’ve no real excuses any more when “it’s too hot”. Yes, it’s definitely not nice (and an extra change of clothes was a very good plan!) but it got done, and I can’t make that excuse.  (I was actually surprised by how few people were in the gym on that day – I assume ‘It’s too hot to work out’ had an effect on that, too)

So – making progress. We’ll see how things work out from here…

Getting Back In The Saddle

Following on from this week’s ‘Heavy Thoughts‘, I’m aiming on getting myself back into more exercise and so on.

Among those plans, I’m heading back to a gym – and it’s another new one.

I signed up with one in Milton Keynes (MK) earlier this year, thinking that it would be a good plan due to working in MK four days a week.  However, it didn’t work with everything else – it was a bit in the wrong direction, and a ballbag to get to. It didn’t fit with how things were working for me, so I wasn’t going.

As a result, I cancelled it – no point carrying on paying for something that’s not being used, just because of good intentions, after all. Thankfully it was one of the newer no-contract gyms, so wasn’t any great issue.

This week I’ve signed up with a different one (but still contract-free, and actually cheaper still than the previous one) and went for the first time as well. It’s closer to my office, allbeit still a decent walk, and means I can park near the office as usual – I get in early anyway, to avoid rush-hour traffic – and walk down to the gym, then walk back and get to work.

I’ve not chosen the best time to do this – this week and next are chaotically busy with other stuff as well, so I’m not in the MK office as much as usual. Initially though, it’s aiming to get me into going again, and getting into a routine for doing so.

And from there, we’ll see how it all goes. I’m optimistic for the moment, but time is more likely to tell.

Heavy Thoughts

Last year I did pretty well when it comes to weight loss, dropping two stones over the year. (It was actually a bit more, but then went up again towards the year end)  The plan this year is/was to do more of the same, and lose a similar amount of weight.

So far, that’s not gone well.  It stayed pretty stable through January to April, and then May was – for unknown reasons – really bad.  Basically, I had a real desire for sugar, coupled with a lot of idiot days, journeys, activities and meals. It felt pretty non-stop, and for whatever reason from that, my brain/body wanted sweet stuff.

When I weighed myself on Monday, I’d put on nearly a stone, which has really annoyed me. I’ve been pleased with the weight loss, so putting some back on is a bit of a setback.

But it’s only a setback, not a major issue. From here on things are a bit calmer again – although saying that I’ve still got weekend trips to Oxford, Manchester and London coming up – and I’ll reduce that sugar intake again. That has, I think, been the main trigger for weight gain.

I’m going to get back to doing some other stuff too, and seeing how things go.  But that’s the plan, and I’m not changing my goal for the year. I just have to work a bit harder than expected to get there…

Make Up Your Damn Mind

While shopping this morning, I looked at “Glaceau Vitamin Water“. Not for any intention of buying, just out of interest (I got a promo thingy for it, so thought I’d look).

The labelling is….. interesting.

Zero or not?

Zero or not?

So… “Zero Calories”, but 100ml contains 1.5 calories, and 500ml contains 8calories.

All told, that makes it a pretty interesting interpretation of “zero”…

Resurgence Of Ills

Late last week, and into this, the lung-crap made a bit of a revisit.

It’s nowhere near as bad as the full-on Bronchitis of a couple of months back, but it’s been noticeable, with the cough and the lumps of coughed-up green. Over the weekend I did wonder if I was going to have to make a return visit to my GP – not that I wanted to – because of the breathing issues and crackles in the lungs again, but for now that seems to have receded again.

I’m actually feeling OK, and pretty healthy – which makes it even more annoying that this crap keeps on coming back round.

It’s back on the wane now, thankfully. I just hope I don’t get battered by a third round of it.


Yesterday, for the first time in ages, I had a real belter of a migraine.

Migraines are something I never used to get, until about ten years ago – and even then I don’t get them often. It probably averages one a year, but of course these things don’t work to averages. I don’t think I’ve had a proper one in three years or more, but today made up for it.

It started off (as usual) with a weird little visual artifact, almost like a blind-spot in my field of vision. It’s a weird feeling, even though it’s just the precursor.  Sometimes it’ll all ease off at that point, other times it won’t.

In this case, it didn’t. It ended up with a prolonged set of visual weirdness, flickering at the edges, and like constantly looking through a kaleidoscope – which is even less fun than it sounds.  And it’s even less fun when driving home – doable, but it felt like driving in a Star Trek warp-speed effect. I have no idea what speed I actually drove at, but man alive, it felt fast.

And of course through all that, my head feels like someone’s put a vice round it, and is tightening it slowly.

It’s finally waned in the mid-evening, although the headache stayed on, if less intense than it was during the day.

All told, as always, it’s left me a bit drained, and not in the mood to do much. In an ideal world, I’d spend the day at home and vegetating, but that’s not the way it’s worked out, as I’m off to Leicester today to see one of my clients.  As it is, I’ll be quite happy if I don’t have another one like that for a good few years again. It’s been a belter.

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