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Going Round in Circles

Yesterday I did – yet another – circumnavigation of the M25 in one day. It’s quite a childish thing, allbeit not something I do on a whim, but sometimes it amuses me.  The main difference this time was that I did it anti-clockwise, which for some reason I do less often.

Yesterday was a drive from home to parents in Oxford, collect them and drive them to Dover (they’re off on a holiday) and then back round to the M1 to go home.  It also involved a trip into the office – that’s a post for another time – so all told I covered about 350 miles in the day.

Anyway, all well and good, and I’m still alive. Just currently snowed with work-related stuff, hence the paucity of postings here.

Stone Down

In other news, I’ve now lost a stone in weight this year.

That puts me on a weirdly OCD number (ending with two zeroes) although still at the high-end of “Functioning fat fucker”, with a way to go.

I’m happy with the progress though. I’d like it to be quicker (wouldn’t we all?) but at least it’s progress.

Creativity Locked

Over the last couple of months, my creative side has felt like it’s completely locked up. I don’t particularly know why – although I suspect it’s linked to feeling constantly tired, burned out, and unwell.

After this weekend, I’m making some changes again – mainly employment stuff (of which a bit more tomorrow) but also a few life-based things.

With the new job, I’m aiming to limit myself to work-based stuff just in work hours. With the last couple of jobs they’ve been coming home with me, and it’s been sitting in my head. I suspect that’s been a mistake.  It’s certainly put me in a position where a lot of the time I don’t even want to look at a computer while I’m at home – although again that may be down to also feeling depressingly run-down – so I’m currently hoping that if I limit myself a bit more workwise, I might have the time and inclination to do other stuff when I’m back at home.

It could also be that I’m going through a bit of a depression dump. It wouldn’t be the first time that I get affected like that once the days have started getting longer. I can deal with – and fight – the seasonal depression of long nights and grey days, but once the days get longer I lower my guard, lower my resistance, and sometimes it just hits hard for a while.

I’m hoping I’ll find some ways to reset myself a bit over the next couple of weeks, but we’ll see.



For the first time in about ten days, I can breathe clearly today. This is A Good Thing.

For the first time in about a month, I can also move without twinges of the muscles in my back, and without wincing.  This is A Joy.


I do wonder if I’m not a bit run-down at the moment – things seem to be taking longer to repair than usual, and to be slightly more fragile than they have been.

Or maybe, as BW said a while back, I’m just getting old(er).  Not Old old, but approaching middle-age, and all that rot.

I don’t know – I’ll see what happens over the rest of this year. I’m hoping for things to be a bit calmer (although my calm is most people’s ‘chaotic’, as we all well know) but we’ll see.

Snot Box

As I mentioned earlier in the week, this has been another of those times where I’ve been whacked by a vile cold once I’ve changed contracts. I refuse to “man-flu” it, because when all’s said and done it’s just a cold. A heavy and grotty one, but a cold all the same.

It seems to be fading now. Last night was rotten, lots of coughing leading to less than two hours of decent sleep. That’s usually where we turn a corner, and things improve again.

Today I’m just a big bundle of snot, but at least that means it’s being expelled at last, rather than stored up to fight another day.

We’ll see how things go from here – but I’m hoping it’ll all settle out a bit for the coming long weekend.

Ups and Downs

It’s a new week, and a new contract. The most recent one in Cambridge has been - hmmm, how to put this? – not fun at all. Chaotically disorganised would be another way to put it – they weren’t even aware that the contract came to a close last Friday. Not a word was said, even on the last day – and I got a call on the Monday asking where I was.

So yeah, it’s not been overly fun, and I’m glad to be done with it.

The downside though, is that I’m now doing my standard thing of having relaxed post-contract, which leaves me open and vulnerable to any bugs that happen to be lurking around. My resistance is dog-shit, because I’ve been stressed with work etc., and the reduction of stress increases the likelihood of my feeling like death warmed up for a few days.

If I were smart I’d book a few days out between each contract, just to let myself get back on an even keel. Indeed, I might even start thinking about doing exactly that.

Of course, if I were really smart, I wouldn’t work for shithead companies, and/or wouldn’t get stressed about doing so. But meanwhile, back in reality…

It’s nothing life-threatening – it never is – and this time it’s just (another) rotten stinking cold. I’ll get over it – I always do – and I’ll try to not make things overly dramatic in the meantime.

But Lordy, I do wish I had enough common sense to spot those stress-levels ahead of time.


Slow Progress

This year, as I’ve said before (and on many occasions) I’ve been working at getting more exercise, with an aim of losing some weight, improving health, and all that standard crap. At the same time I’ve been keeping track of food intake and so on, which has been interesting rather than overly useful.

I’ve been doing fairly well for a start- I’m tending to average walking about 3-4 miles a day, including at least a mile round the village every day. I started off just making sure I did it even on days when I wasn’t in the mood, or when the weather was vile (and lord knows we’ve had plenty of those so far this year) so that I could establish it as routine, and thus have even less excuse when the weather was good.

It’s slow-going though – which I’m not happy about. I’m eating less than the ‘recommended’ calorie count, and I’m doing more exercise. But weight has stayed fairly stable.  As it is, I’ve lost half a stone this year – which is better than it could be, but it’s still hard to monitor when it takes so sodding long.

This week has been different, because of stuffing my back last weekend (which is improving, but still insanely sore in the morning) I made the decision to lay off the walking etc. as much. It’s about halved from the usual, and I’ll actually be glad to get back to it.

Anyway, there’s been progress, it’s just been ridiculously slow. Next step, once I’m back to not hurting (pardon the pun) will be to get back on my bike again and do more work on that score as well. Maybe that’ll help things progress. We’ll see.


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