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Nailed It

Regular readers will know that I’ve been a fan of Nine Inch Nails for a very long time now – indeed, since way before D4D came into existence.

However, I’ve had a pretty checkered history when it comes to seeing them live. The history goes…

I’ve seen them twice prior to that though (although pre-D4D, so no record/links to when)

So this week, knowing that the ticket sales were coming up, I was determined to get to see the new tour.

When the pre-sales ones came out, I couldn’t get ones for the gig at the O2 on the Friday, so got one for Manchester on the Sunday instead – I’ll worry about travel closer to the time.

And then when the normal sales came out yesterday, I got them for the O2 on the Friday as well.

Of course, I still need to make sure I actually go to the gigs, but at least I’m prepared and ready this time…

Wavering – Updated

Following on from yesterday’s post about my – well, my subconscious’s – wavering about going to the Peter Gabriel gig at the O2.

I didn’t go.  I wanted to, I intended to.

I got home, had some lunch, had tons of time, felt like crap and had a quick nap. Not common, but not unusual.

I woke up five hours later, just as the concert was due to start. I’m about 75-90 minutes drive from the O2.



This afternoon/evening, I’m supposed to be going to see Peter Gabriel at the O2. I’ve booked the afternoon off work, I’ve paid for the parking at the O2. As an aside, I always feel that parking cost is an iniquitous extra, but such is life – while it might be feasible for me to get there by public transport, it’s completely unfeasible for the return journey.

I will go

But right now, my brain’s wavering and havering, thinking “Yeah, but…” on a number of reasons, a range of logical excuses to not go. Tired, distance, time, return time, work – it’s all in there, all making me doubt.

I will go. I want to go.

I just wish my brain would be more certain, and shut up a bit.

The Rebel Rebels

Over the weekend, I went down to London to see the Rebel Rebels perform their final show.

Conveniently (for me, at least) it was held at the Elixir Bar, just round the corner from Euston – ideal, and meant I didn’t even need to consider overnighting in London.

As it was, I met up with Merialc and Erzsebel beforehand, and went for a curry at the Erzsebel-recommended “Diwana Bhel Poori House“. (round the other corner from Euston)  The food was excellent – although I can honestly say I have no idea what the hell I was eating – and made for a good start to the evening.

The evening itself was a fun time too – and while not being ‘official photographer‘, I still had the camera with me, and got some good shots. I’ve missed the Rebels’ previous shows for a number of reasons, so I’m glad I got to be there for the final one.

The journey home was OK too – albeit incredibly long, due to the train service stopping at every single station on the way. Being sober on the late train’s an experience in tolerance, not rising to any number of inane pisshead conversations and the like, but thankfully there was only one puker, so it could’ve been a lot worse all round.

A great evening all round, and it’s a pity that at the moment there aren’t more planned.


Peter Gabriel, Next October

Following on from getting tickets to Cowboy Junkies next January, I found out via Twitter that Peter Gabriel is touring next October, two nights at the O2 in London, one in Manchester at the MEN, and one in Glasgow at the Hydro.

So, following more than a year of no concerts, 2013 now already has two excellent gigs that I’m really looking forward to.

Getting Back

In conversations (and D4D posts) last week, I realised it’s now more than a year since I’ve been to a concert. I’ve eased off on them over the last few years, partly through getting a bit pickier following some that were pretty bad, and partly just through a lack of available time and finances along with venues not being as easy to get to.

Manchester was fantastic for getting to/from gigs, and had plenty of good venues as well. Bracknell was less good, and Norfolk/Suffolk were a pain in the bits.  From the new place, it’s likely still London (although there’s also other smaller locations which aren’t too bad) and what with one thing and another it’s not been great for booking tickets.

Anyway, I’d thought I’d make some changes, and this weekend has meant that’s started – my first gig in 14 months will be in Janurary, seeing the Cowboy Junkies (yet again) , this time at the Barbican in London.

And I can’t wait.

Muse, Wembley, 11/9/10

Last night, we saw Muse at Wembley Stadium.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m not a fan of Wembley Stadium – for me it’s just too big for gigs, and you end up watching the band on big video screens rather than seeing them in action.  Sure, if you can get standing tickets you might have a better chance – but I haven’t managed that with Wembley yet.

The shows are huge – they have to be – but (in my opinion) I find them quite soulless, that they really are a big marketing exercise.

In the case of Muse, this was the third time I’ve seen them – the last time was back in December 2003 and the shows have grown immensely since then. The set itself last night was stunning – and even more so when it came to life for the gig itself – with huge forced perspective buildings that turned out to be enormouse videoscreens, along with weird balloons around the back of the stage, and a lightshow that probably could’ve powered a small to mid-sized town. Oh, and the now-essential moving sections of stage. Of course.

On that technical / effects side, the entire gig was stunning – well, except for the smaller videoscreens having a lag of about two seconds, so that the sound was coming through before the video – decidedly weird, and not what you expect at a gig that size. But the lighting rig was awesome, the sound set up was spot-on, and technically it was great.

Muse were good too – but in my opinion they’re too small for Wembley. Yes, they music fills the place and is stunning, but performance wise, you just can’t see three people on a stage that size. Any theatrics that were done (including Matt Bellamy’s Glowing LED suit) were just too damn small. Even the moving sector of stage, moving, lifting and rotating was well, just too small. In the O2 it would’ve been excellent. In Wembley it was all just dwarved by the size of the Stadium.

So all told, a tad underwhelmed. Muse blasted the stage and sound system, but I just came out feeling that Wembley was too big – they could’ve done the same gig at the O2 and it would’ve been stunning, but with less people and a smaller scale to fill.

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