Tracy Chapman – London. The People

It’s been a long time coming, but last night we went to see Tracy Chapman in concert.

And bloody hell, she was good – but the audience were a nightmare. In fact, a very similar crowd to that experienced by Skytower.

I don’t understand why people pay £35 per ticket to go and see a sensational concert, only to talk to their mates all the way through it. Or to text people all the way through – and believe me, in the dark, the screen illumination can be sodding bright, and fucking distracting. I also don’t understand the point of keeping on going out to get more drinks etc. You’ve paid thirty-fucking-five pounds to see this gig, yet you spend half of it walking to and from the bar, and/or fucking off the people around you by constantly moving. You stupid self-obsessed bastard.

As for people with cameras, I don’t quite understand why they’re incapable of turning the flash off. Quite honestly, the flash at that range isn’t going to do anything, although it’s quite likely to screw up your photos. The camera thinks it’ll be getting a lot more light (due to the flash), then doesn’t – because the flash is swallowed up by the distance – so you just get screwed up and dull shots. And then try, and try again – but always with the flash on. Twat.

Oh, and why is it that people insist on singing along with all the songs? You’ve paid to see the original artist sing them, not attempt to drown them out with your own toneless/tuneless attempts that – more than occasionally – also have the wrong words too.

Still, despite all of these tossers, the gig itself was stonking.

2 Comments on “Tracy Chapman – London. The People”

  1. Gordon says:

    And here I thought you were gonna describe the gig itself! Focus man, focus!!

  2. Aurelie says:

    Could it be possible to publish your reviews of the London show you attend on my site (crediting you and your site of course)? Im currently searching for reviews and found yours!


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