Lens Cleaning

As a (pretty much) lifelong wearer of glasses, having dirty lenses is one of those little niggling everyday things.

Earlier this year, I bought a special lens-cleaning thing called a “Peeps”, which I’m not linking to, because it was shit. The design was really nice, like a pair of large tweezers with a microfiber pad on the ends for the actual cleaning.  But, for whatever reason, they just didn’t work as advertised, and even put a small scratch on one less (thankfully, on a less-used pair)

So instead I went back to basics, and went back to microfiber cleaning cloths.  They always seem bloody expensive, but a quick look on Amazon and I found a ten-pack for £7, which is still not cheap cheap, but it’s a massive reduction on the usual prices I’ve paid from places.

And I can’t deny, I’m much happier with these. They just do the job. And they’re cheap enough that you’re not annoyed when you lose one, or when it gets dirty. (for some reason I also find washing microfiber cloths generally knackers them)

So now I’ve got some new glasses – which is another story – I’ll be sticking with these new cloths for the forseeable future.

2 Comments on “Lens Cleaning”

  1. Gordon says:

    I’ve seen those Peeps advertised, good to know my instincts were right (always wary of adverts for things which seem smart ideas …).

  2. Lyle says:

    I’m all for smart ideas, and those ones in particular seemed like a good idea, but yeah, for me they were Not Good

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