Racist Terms

Of all the things that annoy me about the story of Prince Harry using a racially insulting term (no less than three years ago) is that the media then seems to use it as an excuse for repeating and publicising the same term ad infinitum.

The BBC story linked to above uses it, and the ITV News story I saw a few minutes ago on it used the same term no less than three times within the story.

So how does the media explain how they can get away with it when they’re reporting how offensive it is for someone else to use the term?

Ulterior Motives

I truly don’t care one jot about Big Brother at the best of times. So far I think I’ve seen maybe 30 seconds of the new series, while flicking through channels.

I truly disliked the entire hysteria and unpleasantness around the racism claims from the last season of Celebrity Big Brother, although to some degree I also find the current paranoia about any further racism claims to be very funny, especially when one considers that the initial plan for Big Brother was to show people “as they truly are”.

However, in this week’s micro-fight about racism, I find it truly objectionable that the story has given all the media the supposed ‘right’ to print an offensive slur, and all the while dress it up as “news”.

Hypocrisy at its finest.