The Value of Romance

While out over the weekend, I went past a Wetherspoons pub, and they’ve got a stunning offer for Valentine’s Day.

2 for twenty quid - feel valued yet?

2 for twenty quid – feel valued yet?

Yup – take your beloved out and show her how much you love and value them by making it a Meal for Two for £20.  What could possibly be more romantic than that ?

And the sad thing is, I bet they’ll be bloody packed.

Weird Marketing

The other day, I got the strangest marketing email in a long while.

It’s from Apple, which probably explains a lot, but still, you’ve got to wonder when it comes to a subject/tag-line like this…

iPad or iPad mini. The perfect choice for Valentine’s Day.

I just can’t compute how that even works .

The additional image didn’t help explain, either.

Apple valentine's Ad

What. The. Fuck?