As referred to in the post below, I’m looking at upgrading this year to a Digital-SLR camera. Really there are two in the running for it – well, three now that the Canon EOS350D has been released. However, the two that I’ve been primarily considering are the Canon EOS20D and the Fuji S3.

I’ve been impressed with the Canon results, up to a point – and Chromasia has done a lot to show me what the 20D is capable of doing. I was less impressed with the 300D when I played with that a while back, although I suspect a lot of that was down to the owner/user not really knowing what he was up to. And in honesty, I was pretty sure that the 20D was the way to go, until I saw about Fuji releasing the S3. I’ve used Fuji cameras all the way through my digital camera series so far, and I’m still very happy with the S5000 that I currently use, and have had for about 15 months now. Quite honestly, for anyone wanting a semi-pro camera, and particularly one that comes in at under £300 now, I’d recommend it and the upgraded S5500 without any hesitation at all.

What the S5000 does lack though is the creative controls. Sometimes I just can’t get the shot or effect I want with the camera, which is frustrating, to say the least. So I know that a DSLR is the way to go – it’s just which one to choose. I’ve a lot of loyalty for Fuji, so I suspect what I really need to do is see if I can find a decent photography club and get my mitts on both for a while. I don’t think the odds are high on that one, so I’ll just have to think more, and see which one I want to go for in the end. Unfortunately, at the current moment I don’t even know quite what the deciding characteristics will be. I’m sure I’ll write more about it soon though.

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  1. A few thoughts on photography

    From time to time I get a few queries about my photographs, my camera and techniques. I don’t really know what I’m doing, having never studied photography, or Art, for that matter, so everything I do is trial and error….

  2. Luke says:

    Like your style. Words, that is. Not sure about the lurid colours though. “Worksafe” is much easier to concentrate on your words.
    Re digi cameras. Take a look at the Sony DSC V3. Not SLR but 2.5 inch screen and all the creative control you could wish for. Only £420 online and pricematched in Jessops.

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