Center Parcs – initial thoughts

Well, it has to be said that the break at Center Parcs went pretty well. I’ve a number of thoughts and photos about the place, and I need to get them more in order in my own mind before going on to write about them in depth, but all told it was a good time.

It’s also renewed my interest in archery – I won’t mention the score I got, because I’ll only get told I’m being a big-headed git – and Tai Chi, so we’ll see how things go on that score too.

In the meantime we’re off to see Faithless at Alexandra Palace tonight – an 8pm to 2am gig, which should be a laugh. The camera will be going with me, but as I’ve not been to Ally Pally for a gig before I’ve no idea whether any photos will be successful or not.

So – much more writing type stuff will be done tomorrow, along with a quick smattering of the 160ish photos from the week at Center Parcs…

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