X-Men Origins : Wolverine

On Friday, we finally got round to seeing X-Men Origins : Wolverine. I’ve liked the previous three X-Men films (Yes, even the third, although it was nowhere near as good as the first two) and the trailers looked stunning.

The entire film can be pretty much summed up in the following :

OK, so there’s this guy who’s pretty much indestructible. Let’s complement that with an impregnable metal skeleton.

Oh fuck, he’s gone rogue. Kill him.

Um. How?

All told, it’s an OK film – but not a great one. Gordon commented about some of the ropy CGI effects but I’ve got to say, I thought there were a number of other times where the CGI looked seriously ropy, and in ways that detracted from the film.

As mindless entertainment, it’s OK – nothing earth-shattering, but not abysmal either – just don’t go thinking into it too much.

Was it worth seeing? Yes.

Would I bother seeing X-Men Origins : Magneto, or even Wolverine 2 ? No, not ’til it comes out on DVD, I expect.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I haven’t seen this one but as you mentioned about the story , it doesn’t look so exciting. I will wait until it is available in dvd

  2. hellcat says:

    cgi reminsient of the sinbad the sailor days!!!!

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