All Change

Here Chez Lyle it’s been an interesting week, and one that should be a gateway into whatever’s next.

The basic thing is that this week, my employer made me redundant. There’s a lot I can’t say legally, but that’s the crux of it. There’s a lot more underlying it, but that’s the basic headline. Redundant, with effect from Friday.

There was no real warning, just a ‘chat’ on Tuesday that turned out to be The Big Event, and then getting things organised, handed over, and finished off. In that time I’ve also taken legal advice, which answered quite a few questions in my own head and showed that perhaps I’m not quite the paranoid lunatic I was beginning to feel like I might be.

I’ve done OK out of the process, and it means I’m also immediately available for new contracts. I think I might take a week out – particularly considering the glorious weather – before I really start applying myself, but things will kick up a gear from today anyway.

All told, I’ve been surprised by the speed with which it’s all happened – and to some degree that it’s happened at all – but I truly don’t feel anything other than positive about the entire thing. That may change if I haven’t got anything new to go to by the start of September or so, but I don’t currently feel like that’s likely to be the case. I’ve spoken to some agencies already, and things are generally pretty positive.

Shit happens, and having happened, moves on.  (Or something along those lines)

2 Comments on “All Change”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    Sorry to hear that – and if it was anyone but you I’d be concerned.

    I don’t know anyone else who manages to find a new job as quickly as you, so, good luck and I expect it’ll all be sorted by 5pm.

    Having recently had something similar happen to a good friend, I know how complex these situations can get, and, despite what we hear about employment rights being so good in this country, when push comes to shove they’re not.

    My advice to people is always make sure you’ve got legal cover protection in with your house insurance, and that it covers employment disputes.

  2. Z says:

    Great that you’re so positive about it and I hope you get something sorted out quickly. As BW says, you seem to get your act together pretty promptly, so I’m sure you will.

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