Avoiding The Shops

ScroogeWhile I do have stuff to do this weekend, my primary goal is simple. Avoiding any need to visit shops and shopping centres. It’s obvious really – this is the final weekend pre-Festering-Season, and they’re going to be rammed. So for me they’re best avoided.

I’m pretty sure I’m all sorted – the worst I’m going to need to do is pop up the road to get the weekend paper, and collect a couple of things from the local Post Office.

  • Cards etc. have been sorted, written and posted – ✔
  • The presents for family etc. are all sorted – ✔
  • I’ve got the stuff for wrapping presents, and plan to do that this weekend – ✔
  • I’ve done the food shop for whatever stuff I needed in the next few days – ✔
  • I’m all sorted for reading material, stuff on TV and the like, so not even a library visit required – ✔
  • There’s nothing outstanding that I can think of – ✔

So yes, I think I’m all done, and won’t need to go anywhere near a store at all. This is definitely A Good Thing.

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