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Moving On ?

2010 has been – to say the least – a year of changes round here. There’s been a lot going on, and a lot of thinking being done over the last couple of months.

One of the things that has gone by the wayside a lot in that time is D4D™ – and for the first time since I started writing it, I haven’t missed writing here. In some ways I feel like I’ve run out of things to say here – or perhaps more accurately, things that I want to say here.

Back in the day, D4D™ started off as a writing project, somewhere to put my thoughts and head down. It wasn’t going to be super-personal, wasn’t going to be lots of things. It was a kickback against people telling me I always start projects and don’t finish them. And it’s true- there’s a whole ton of things I’ve started and not completed. It’s still true today. I don’t like that part of me, but it is part of me.

D4D™’s ended up being quite personal in places, and that’s caused issues this year. It became less about fiction, and more about reality – or at least my perception of that reality.

So I don’t know, I wonder if D4D has come to the end of its life. Maybe still here for the odd random update, but in general time to go into hibernation, or perhaps even cryosleep.

I’ll still be writing somewhere once I get my finger out – between the stuff I do on CeltX for ‘proper’ writing, and a couple of other online writing projects I’ve got in mind, it’ll keep me busy anyway.

I’ll decide for sure over the Festive Break, I think. Just see how it all goes.

It’s been good, though. Now for the next phase.

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3 thoughts on “Moving On ?

  1. Same here for me, my blog has started to languish and my halfhearted attempts aren’t really anything I’m interested in.

    Time will tell I guess, do what feels right for you mate.

  2. John Kelly on said:

    Have a good one and see how you feel in the New Year

  3. Hope you can have the Festering Season you want this year.

    Perhaps it’s not appropriate to keep writing where those you’d rather didn’t read do. Except that they’ll get bored and go away, eventually (I know, I’ve been there this year).

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