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Cutting Down

It’s that time again – the one where I work on cutting down my consumption of Diet Coke.

Yeah, I know, *yawn*.

With me, my intake is cyclical, and depends a lot on what else I’m doing. I’ve noticed this time round that I drink more Diet Coke while working than when I’m at home – which sounds pretty logical during the week, but is particularly true on weekends. But even so, I’m aware my consumption levels were rising again.

So yes, it’s time to drop it back down again. I doubt I’ll get down to zero – I might, but I doubt it. I’ll be happy with a sustained reduction, and that’s already started.

Indeed, I’ve already halved my intake. We’ll see how it goes, but it’s an improvement for sure.

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One thought on “Cutting Down

  1. I hope you’re taking calcium if you’re stripping your bones with that much diet coke… osteoporosis in a can…

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