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Inspired by Lori’s post on the subject, and following on from my comment there, I thought I’d do a list of the mobile phones I’ve owned over the years along with (where possible) the years. Once you click on more, it’s going to be a very sad post…

  1. NEC P4 analogue mobile – 1991/1992 – a true brick of a phone, it needed charging every day (if not more should I do something silly like, say, using it)
  2. Orbitel 902 digital mobile – 1993 – before SMS had even been offered as a service
  3. Ericsson Brick (no idea of model number) – 1994
  4. Nokia 5110 (I think) – ’96
  5. Panasonic something or other – ’96
  6. Siemens SL10 slider thing – ’99 or so, it must’ve been, but dear God I don’t know. It was an OK phone, but chunky and clunky
  7. Nokia 6110 – also ‘99, a work-owned phone
  8. Ericsson T28 – ’99 – replaced the Nokia
  9. Nokia 7110 – replaced the Ericsson
  10. Siemens S or Csomething – 2000 – 2001 – ended up getting nicked
  11. Siemens C352001/2
  12. Nokia 7250i2003-5
  13. Motorola A920 – bought when the Three network came out – this was one of the worst phones I’ve ever used, and I went back to the Nokia 7250i instead
  14. Sony Ericsson K700i2005-6
  15. iMate KJAM (rebranded as O2’s ‘XDA Mini ii S’) – 2006 – Present

And that’s it. I think that’s all of them, although at the same time I’m wondering if there wasn’t another Siemens one in there somewhere.

But so over the last fourteen years (and dear god, that’s bad enough in itself) I’ve had roughly one phone per year, which isn’t as bad as it could’ve been (and perhaps should’ve been, with the addition of work-owned phones as well)

Mind you, I’m due for another upgrade pretty soon…

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