Amateur Hour

As regular readers of D4D™ will have noticed by now, I absolutely hate working with bloody amateurs.

At the moment, the entire network at work has the stability of overcooked spaghetti, and completely dies with depressing regularity. By which I mean roughly every 20-25 minutes. No connection to network servers, no connection to the outside world, no nothing. Even when it is working, it’s still flakier than the Singing Detective, with particular gems including that (according to our system) the BBC News website doesn’t exist. Not even that it’s taking longer than usual to connect, but it just doesn’t exist.

And yet the IT support department insists there isn’t a problem.
“Oh, we’ve checked, and everything’s fine”
“So why can’t I connect to anything?”
“Um, dunno. But we’ve checked, and everything’s fine”

It’s driving me (and everyone else in the office) fuckin’ mental. And the IT Support (and their superiors that this is already being escalated to) have all the technical skills of yoghurt.

It’s going to be a very long day…

2 Comments on “Amateur Hour”

  1. Matt says:

    flakier than the Singing Detective

    Best. Simile. Ever.

    Or is it a euphemism?

    Or a metaphor?

  2. QE says:

    “Oh, we’ve checked, and everything’s fine”
    I love that one. Technical support from the school of ‘if I can’t reproduce it, it’s not a fault (and I can’t be bothered to try and reproduce it).’

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