Suited and Booted

Getting the new suit is something I never really saw myself doing, I must admit. In some ways it’s incredibly traditional, a slate-grey three-piece suit with a thin pinstripe.

But that’s where the traditional bit ends. The pinstripe is purple. In some lights it doesn’t look it, in others it’s bright purple. For the lining, and the back of the waistcoat, it’s a similar bright purple. But you rarely see it – and that’s what I like.

It’s not gaudy, or eye-searing. In fact, for the most part it looks incredibly business-like and traditional, (No, I never thought I’d be writing about a suit, and using words like that to describe it) which is exactly what I wanted when I initially went in to the shop.

Even more surprising (for me, anyway) is that actually, I liked wearing it. Normally in a suit I feel like a trussed-up chicken, but somehow today it just felt right. It didn’t feel weird, and I could wear it all day without feeling crap or out of place. There’s a psychological side to it as well, but I haven’t yet got that one figured out – I’ll write more about that when I do have it sussed.

In fact – and this is something else I never thought I’d say – for the first time today, I could see myself wearing something like that a lot more. I enjoyed wearing it, and I liked the fact that actually, I looked bloody good in it, too.

4 Comments on “Suited and Booted”

  1. Matt says:

    I have a black suit with a purple pinstripe. I don’t have a waistcoat with a purple back to go with it though. That would be cool.

    I rarely get the opportunity to wear it though, pretty much only at weddings.

  2. Scott says:

    I’ve noticed the fit makes the suit as well. As a historical reenactor, I’ve worn borrowed clothes and store bought, but when the Mrs. made a Regency waistcoat and coat fitted to my body, I really felt the difference.

  3. Skytower says:

    There’s only one problem with getting a custom-made suit… you want another one. And another one. And another. I’ve got about seven, now…

  4. […] Unlike Lyle, I do not, have not and probably will not ever own a three-piece suit. I don’t really see the point in adding an extra layer to a set of clothing that I’ll only wear when under some form of emotional stress and usually in a warm place (unless the air-conditioning is working). Interviews (stress), weddings (mostly in spring/summer so warm), funerals (stress). […]

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