Bye Thatcher (Unfortunately Carol, Not Maggie)

While I have no problem with Carol Thatcher being chucked off the BBC’s “One Show” (although I’d dispute it’s a “top show”) it really bugs me – yet again – that the BBC gets to be so hypocritical by reporting the story, including the offensive word, ad nauseam.

In fact, having gone years without hearing the word that the bigoted old trollbag used, I’ve now heard it no less than ten times in the last twenty-four hours.

And yes, I know I harp on about this (enough that I’ve now made it a category on here) but the hypocrisy of it really fucks me off on a regular basis.

4 Comments on “Bye Thatcher (Unfortunately Carol, Not Maggie)”

  1. Lionel says:

    Damn you, Lyle.

    When I saw the title of this post in my RSS feed I was set to dust off my disco gear and dig out my medallion …

  2. Lyle says:

    Ha, sorry Lionel.

    I’ll change the title, so it specifies the Thatcher in question.

  3. hellcat says:

    i think a well worded letter to points of view might be in order……

  4. John Kelly says:

    As far as I am aware it wasn’t even broadcast

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