Gone Huntin’

Over the weekend, Cricket (the silver Bengal) escaped from the house, and went walkabout.

It was my fault – a combination of an open bathroom window, and a door that hadn’t been properly closed – but it meant the little sod was out’n’about. She’s not used to it – we live near a very busy road, so the cats don’t go out as a matter of course – which meant I was pretty worried about her all told.

Thankfully, the back of the house rolls onto field, hedgerows, trees and the like, so the odds were that she’d stay on that side – and hopefully not stray too far in the interest of finding other New Fun Things.

We went out several times to try and see/find the little bugger, but with no real joy. Lots of bird alarm calls around the place, but no sign. At night I went out with a torch, and could see her eyes reflecting from way inside some of the undergrowth, but she wasn’t coming back ’til she was good and ready.

She did eventually come back – at 1am – and all’s been well. She spent most of Sunday trying to get out again whenever possible, but that’s no surprise.

Evil little sod

One Comment on “Gone Huntin’”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    She’s lovely.

    We have the same problem – lane (40mph but never obeyed) out front, 2000 acres of rurality out the back. We couldn’t work out why the cats insisted on going on/across the road until someone mentioned the heat retentive effect of tarmac. As soon as the weather starts getting colder, they prefer road to vegetation.

    I can’t imagine having to live in a house with no open doors and windows though!

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