Year Start

And lo, here we are in 2014. It seems like only yesterday that it was merely 2013. Oh yeah – it was only yesterday. How time flies.

Anyway, the year comes with some plans. Not resolutions, oh no no no, we don’t do those here chez Lyle. There’s the ongoing plan for 2013/14, which is pretty simple, but this is more of a “Things I’d Like To Do In 2014”.

Of course, the original 2013/14 goals are still in place as primary things, which are…

  • Weigh Less
  • Write More

But there’s also a few other bits that I’d like to do this year, including…

  • Carry on the progress from 2013
  • Develop the software / websites for the main company stuff I’m doing
  • Keep working on finances and rebuilding
  • Take a proper holiday somewhere – even ‘just’ in the UK, but some time out
  • See friends more regularly, and generally be a bit more sociable
  • Take the IAM driving test – purely for my own ego, but I’d still like to do it

And that’s about it for the ‘plan’ side of things. The “Random shit” side is likely to be a lot more busy, in fairness.

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