Heated – plus Animals

Another thing I hate when the weather gets ridiculously warm, as it has this week – cat food, and the way warm weather interacts with it.

I’ve got two cats, and they have sachets of wet cat food on a regular basis.  However, they don’t eat all of it at once. That means that it attracts flies – the buzzing which annoy me intensely anyway – who lay eggs on the food and so on.

Obviously any remnants (and or course the now fly-blown cat food) get thrown away, but with the heat, it also makes the bin stink.  And with fortnightly bin-collections, it makes the main bins stink too.  I don’t mind fortnightly collections in general, they’re a fact of life – but I do think there should be an ability to cater for hot weather and so on, and change things to collect those bins weekly if the temperature goes above a certain limit.  (I know it’s probably utterly impractical, but it’d still be nice)

All told, it’s just skanky, and I hate it. All the fun of summer.

2 Comments on “Heated – plus Animals”

  1. Z says:

    I only put a little food out for my cat at a time, as she rarely eats a whole pouchful in one go. She always has dry food too, so doesn’t go hungry.

  2. Lyle says:

    Yeah, with two they usually eat through the day. I could split the sachet between the two fat sods, but then they’d be hungry. I dunno, it’s a balancing act!

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