This week, it’s the start of a new tenancy agreement for me at the current house – yep, I’m going to stay here for another year.

I know I’ve said this before, but staying put like this is – for me – very odd.  It’s already the place I’ve stayed the longest since I left school, by a long shot.

Indeed, the village is also now the longest I’ve stayed in one location, too – Manchester lasted a decent time, but I was in three different houses while I was there.

So, it’s all a bit strange.  But at the same time (and again, as I’ve said before) the main thing with being here is how easy it is to get away from it. That, really is the primary reason for staying here – everything else is easier, and my range for commuting and so on is just ridiculous.

There have been other reasons for staying here too, but they’ll have probably faded out by then. So I don’t know whether the decision will be the same next year or not.

For now though, I’m staying put.

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