Local Elections

While in general I despise politics and politicians, I also always vote. It’s my right to do so, and I fully believe that everyone who can vote should vote – and that if they don’t, they have no room to gripe about what’s happened in politics.

Yesterday’s local elections were the first time I’ve ever been so apathetic about it that I honestly could’ve not bothered.

Thing was, it seemed like even the candidates couldn’t be arsed – I didn’t even get any leaflets dropped through the door, let alone any visits.

Sadly, my local council is a pretty safely Conservative (as it turned out, that’s still true, but it’s a lot more precarious than it was) and my useless ballbag of an MP regularly gets re-elected by a decent majority.  So it was never likely that anything interesting would occur with my council – which also increased my apathy on the “even voting won’t change anything” score.

All told, I don’t quite know what can happen to fix things and increase the voter buy-in.  The current situation is just dire, with no real sign of any light at the end of the tunnel.

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