Oh yes, and in the end it looks like the bits we want are going to be from Ikea®. Oh goody – another journey to Brent Cross.



Grrr, shopping between Christmas and New Year is a fucking nightmare. So far in the last couple of days we’ve looked at umpteen furniture stores (including a journey to the Pit of the Earth – AKA Ikea) as well as some other places for clothes and general domestic stuff. The furniture places (excluding Ikea) were fairly OK, but the general stores were only classifiable as Hell On Earth™.

Still, all over for the moment, and it’s a New Years’ Eve in Reading with friends. Have a good one, one and all.

Under Attack

WordPress has recently been under attack by a worm. For more information about it, look here. In the meantime, if you are running WordPress, add the following code at the top of your index.php page, just after the < ?php line.

if (strpos($REQUEST_URI, '') > 0) {
if (strpos($HTTP_USER_AGENT, 'wp-trivial') > 0) {
if (strpos($HTTP_REFERER, '') > 0) {
if (strpos($HTTP_REFERER, '') > 0) {h


Apparently, it stops the attacks dead. Sounds good to me.

Getting Sorted

Getting there – sorted out a multitude of address changes and account closures, either for now or for the end of January when I finally give up the house in Manchester.

It’s all happening, slowly but surely. Most unnatural – I’m sure these things are supposed to be more chaotic than this!

Bank Holidays

Of course, the problem at the moment with changing all my address details is that if they can’t be done online, there’s pretty much fuck-all chance of doing them ’til tomorrow when Customer Services departments the country over finally open up again…

Over and Done With

Hallelujah, that’s the Festering Season™ over and done with for 2004. Yippee!

Actually, if I’m honest, it’s not been too bad. Norfolk was lovely, bright sky, and not too many hassles. Back in the land of dial-up for a while, although I’m going to be sorting out broadband as soon as possible.

Over the next few days, I’m going to be sorting out loads of address changes. You never really realise how many places have your address details ’til it comes to a time like this, where you need to change them all. Bills, Mobile Phone, Domain Names and accounts, loads of stuff. Joy.

But at least we’re over and done with Christmas. Just a New Years’ Eve to get through now, and then it’s full steam ahead for 2005…

Festering Season

Much as it’s unlike me, and the rest of the stuff on d4d™, I just want to say that I hope everyone’s Festering Season runs smoothly.

And remember, a stun-gun is for life, not just while Christmas Shopping in Asda/Tesco/Wherever.