In general, I must say I’ve been pretty impressed with how WordPress works. The log-in thing is a pain in the arse, and still no-one seems to have figured out what’s going wrong with it. Still, once I’m sorted today, I’ll simply sort out new admin passwords for the two home PCs, and then leave any other hassles with it ’til the new year.

Over the festering season™ I’m probably going to do some work on getting some more of the d4d™ sections into the new stylesheet. Now, should I have the colour-switcher section on every page? Or should I just leave the others to get the information out of the cookie from the blog page? That little lot likely won’t be uploaded until either sometime between Christmas and New Year, or alternatively in early January. We’ll see.

I’ve been pleased with the way the colour-switcher works too – it was one of those things I knew I wanted to do, and I figured it all out myself. In fact I think the only time I needed the reference books at all was in how to write the cookie to the browser, which was something I’d never done in PHP anyway. But I do love the things that challenge me, and getting the idea and writing the solution was definitely a high-point.

In fact, WordPress is kind of cool on that score – I like the fact that if something annoys me, I can write/edit one of the files, and get it to do things how I want them done. But sometimes it’s a complete pain in the arse, and things that should be obvious somehow aren’t.

One example is the sweary/non-sweary filter. I know how it should work, but it’s not quite there yet, because of the way WP handles things. Again, I’m probably going to spend some time geeking around when I get the chance, and see what I can figure out. And yes, that does mean I’ll have a PHP book with me over Christmas. Pathetic, isn’t it?

In general though I’ve been pretty pleased with the way it’s all worked out so far. We’ll see how I feel about it after a few more weeks.

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