Over the weekend, I’m intending to go down to Quicks Archery Store in Portsmouth, and sort myself out with a new compound bow, along with all the other gubbins necessary. I’m actually really rather looking forward to it.

I used to do archery about fifteen years ago, and was fairly good at it, even shooting at county competition level. In the intervening time my interest in it waned, the equipment got sold, and I moved on to other stuff.

But then we went off to Center Parcs earlier this year, and one of the activites was – you’ve guessed it – archery. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it, and as it turned out I was also still pretty good at it, so since then I’ve been thinking about getting back to being involved in it, finding out about local clubs, all that type of thing.

The limiting factor for it was not driving – a decent compound bow isn’t particularly small, nor easy to walk around with, let alone riding a bike while carrying one. But now that the test’s been passed too, it’s time to sort out everything else – and that’s what I’m doing this weekend. I’ll have more news, and possibly photos, later in the weekend.

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  1. Gordon says:

    Anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?

    Lyle, hurtling along the road on his bike when an absent-minded pedestrian steps out in front of him. In one swift movement, he’s laced with three arrows and Lyle calmly cycles off, throwing a stream of obscenities at the corpse…


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