Well, I now own a bow. And arrows. And case, quiver, sight, tab, bracer, stabilser, etc. And I’m £520 lighter for it too. Sheesh. One of these days I might even involve myself with a sport that’s cheap. One day. Maybe.

Other than that, the store we went to in Waterlooville was OK, but Waterlooville itself is – to be frank – a fucking dump. Strange, strange place.

And the weekend has been very quiet internet-wise, as we seem to be cursed by joint problems with the wireless network and the NTL connection. Not helped by the fact that motherfucking NTL don’t even have a customer services department that’s open on a Sunday. The cuntwit tossbags. So we’re unconnected (except via a slightly shonky dial-up connection through Tiscali, of all things) until tomorrow. Gah.

So all in all, a quiet weekend, and quite an expensive one. Roll on work. Never thought I’d say that…

2 Comments on “Weekend”

  1. batty says:

    normally the it bit of ntl is open 24/7 or they changed that to due to staffing problems.?

  2. Vaughan says:

    Lyle, why does the thought of you owning a bow when the world is full of – and I quote – “cuntwit tossbags” fill me with just a little bit of fear and dread? 🙂

    I’m just going to step back quietly . . . no sudden moves, OK?

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