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Demographics and Commercial Radio

Interesting piece in the Guardian today about Commercial Radio, and why they should stop whining about Chris Moyles.

I listen to Radio 1 when I’m driving – if I’m not listening to the radio, I’ve got a CD going instead – because I find Radio 2 to be ineffably dull, I’m not into Radio 3, and when driving I find Radio 4 just doesn’t do it for me. So Radio 1 it is. There are certain presenters on there that make me turn it off (as the article says) but for the 45 minutes on the way to and from work, Radio 1 is my station of choice.

As for commercial radio, I just can’t stand it – and again, for exactly the reasons listed in the article. The (station-defined) limited playlists mean there’s no variety, and the constant repetition of banal ads is just awful. In fact, while driving I’d be hard-pressed to think of anything worse than having to listen to commercial radio…

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