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The (far nicer than I could have been) email I’ve just sent to Wayfarer Software’s customer services/support team…

I would like a refund on my Navigator software – purchase no [whatever] . I had to use it properly for the first time on Friday while driving in London, and it’s the most abysmal heap of junk known to man.

The calibration is consistently 400 ft out, which leads to regularly being told to turn onto the road you’ve just passed – particularly in London. In addition, the navigator was trying to send me in completely the wrong direction (northbound round the M25 to get to Greenwich in south London).

I plan to buy a TomTom instead of ever using the Wayfarer software again.

Please let me know what I need to do in order to get a refund on my Wayfarer license, as in my experience it is utterly unfit for purpose.



What I should have written would’ve been something like…

Dear Fuckbricks,

Refund my licence for the Wayfarer software now, because it sucks the bollocks of dead porcupines. The fucking thing couldn’t find it’s own arse, let alone find it’s way round London.

Your developers have wasted years of their lives writing this piece of shit. It’s not worth the fucking memory card it’s stored on.


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