In The Office

So yes, I ended up working between Christmas and New Year. Mind you, that’s nothing new – I’m hard-pressed to think of the last time I was off between those days. I’m sure it’s happened, I just can’t remember when exactly.

The thing is, I actually quite like this time of year for getting work done. The roads are quiet (or indeed fucking empty) so it’s easy to do the journey. The office is quiet, as most people have opted for taking time off instead. I can get a bundle of outstanding stuff done, because there are comparatively few people hanging over me waiting for other stuff to get fixed, or urgent “Oh shit!” problems coming up.

I don’t mind this time of year in general, actually. It’s the winding-down time, and the time to start preparing for whatever the hell’s coming up in the next year. Taking stock, making plans, all that shit.

So I don’t mind being in. I’ve got stuff done, stuff fixed, and got some ideas and thoughts for 2010. And that makes me happy.

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