Weird Dreaming – again

While there’s no decent answer with regard to whether the cat puked or I dreamt it, last night’s one was pretty strange too.

So – for all you dream analysts out there – what does it mean when you dream that you’re in Homebase, have been overcharged, and you’re getting ignored by all the staff? (I know, that’s just about par for the course with Homebase, but still – this was even more so than usual)  Even weirder, I got really annoyed by this in the dream (which is understandable) but then woke up and was equally furious.

Took me ages to go back to sleep, too.

I suspect this may be my brain saying “Hurry up Thursday, I want to be done for the year“.

3 Comments on “Weird Dreaming – again”

  1. Debster says:

    I always have dreams where I am naked somewhere like Sainsburys.

  2. annipink says:

    Definitely waiting on somhing you have no control over, waiting for someone else to do something before you can get on with whatever you need to do – possibly about building something if it’s Homebase, but I am not sure dream inds are really that specific.

    If I’m honest, doesn’t sound that weird a dream really, pretty much the norm for me.

    Now, REALLY weird dreams are about having lunch with Tony Blair and your ex boss, or being on a plane to Mexico but having to sit in the toilet the whole way there because there isn’t a seat for you. Or your mother ‘swimming’ in air along a cliff edge, and you and your sister ‘jumping in’ after her in case she falls off. Or a man in a perspex box full of water in the middle of the town square who is taking the piss out of you in mime. Or the circus going past your house (when you live in a cul de sac) and you are communicating via mind meld with the horses.

  3. lyle says:

    Except I’m not in any situations like that at all. Just weird dreams.

    And OK, you win on weirdness. Hands down.

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