Travelling Man (Again)

Yesterday was another Devon run – I didn’t get to go down (Fnarr!) last week due to feeling ill, so it ended up being this week instead.

I was doing the trip with my direct boss, and he suggested that instead we went by train instead of driving. I’m not quite sure of the reasoning – except it meant we didn’t do stupid mileage – but all told it wasn’t an experience I wish to repeat.

The journey down was OK – as much as train journeys ever are – but it took just over four hours when the drive takes three. So leaving home at 5.45, train at 6.30, into the Devon office just after 10:30.  (Usually if I leave at 6 I’m in the office at 9 – 9.30)

To be fair, we got a bundle of stuff done, several meetings, and some very happy customers.

For whatever reasons, we stayed overnight at a local hotel (well, pub with rooms) and came back this morning.  And that journey was a pig.

We’d forgotten it was half-term, which meant the train back was absolutely packed. It had eight carriages, with three “First Class” carriages which were utterly empty. (No idea why – I assume that Devon -> London has a lot of First Class passengers usually) The other five carriages were all full, every seat with a ‘reserved’ ticket on it.

So instead I ended up standing all the way from Devon to Reading, where I finally got a seat for a whole 20 minutes.

The journey back to Milton Keynes took three and a half hours (which wasn’t too bad) and then another half-hour to get back to the office.

All told, it’s been a long journey. I feel like the time’s been a little bit wasted – particularly today – and could’ve been much better used if I had the long one-day trip instead of splicing it between two days in this way.

Still, it’s done, and I’m home now.

2 Comments on “Travelling Man (Again)”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    How much did it cost?

    I’d have thought that 2 x rail tickets would cost a lot more than paying your mileage?

    Perhaps the boss didn’t fancy your driving? 😉

  2. lyle says:

    Not sure of the exact cost – booked by company – but yeah, it definitely cost more and took longer than the idiot drive does.

    Even if both of us had gone in separate vehicles (likely, from the respective home locations and time of journey start) then it would’ve been cheaper than the train journey.

    Quite, quite potty.

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