Coming close

This month is probably the tightest I’ve had (now there’s a search phrase that’ll come up trumps) in the last year, when it comes to finances. The fact that it’s still manageable is – in my opinion – worthy of some note.

It’s been tight primarily due to the need to replace two techie items – as written about previously, both Laptop and Kindle have needed replacing – but I knew I could get through it. That on its own is a revelation, compared to how things were this time last year.

And sure, I could have waited to replace the Kindle – although I’m also aware of other stuff coming up next month, so such is life – but it was the decision I made, and as always I knew the consequences and what the month would be like.

I’m still ok – just – and I know there’s an extra dollop of money hitting my account on Tuesday, so it’s all pretty safe really, but it’s still made things interesting.

The development and progress from this time last year is interesting though. I’ve been able to do this without too much stress or juggling, and that shows me how things can – and will – be in future. I can do this, so long as I’m not stupid. (Well, not too stupid) The light at the end of the tunnel finally appears to be a light, rather than another train coming the other way.

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