Data Migration – Kindle

By contrast to the ease of migrating data to the new laptop, resyncing a new Kindle is an absolutely shite experience.

The actual purchase/delivery of it is great – ordered on Friday, arrived today.  But synchronising it is crap.

Rather than a simple “download everything” option – or even having a “download everything on this page” – you have to choose to download each eBook individually. Even on the website, it’s a list with individual controls. Not even a checkbox against each item and a ‘download all’.

Why? I’ve no idea.  But it means that what should be a simple “connect this device to my Amazon account” to download everything becomes a nightmare of (in my case) roughly 1,000 mouse-clicks. That’s no exaggeration. I’ve got 260 books on my Kindle. For each one you’ve got to click on “Actions”, then “Download”, then Select the device (there’s only one device – at least fucking auto-select it!) . For each book.

It’s a truly painful and shit experience, and there’s an email going to Amazon to explain that.

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