Getting Through

While the last eight weeks have been pretty tight (as written about earlier this week) with the weird and slow pay structures of the agency behind my current contract – well, current for this week, but thank God, it’ll then be over – it also has been (yet another) illustration of how far things have come.  As if I needed it.

Two years ago, this whole thing would’ve been a nightmare, and would’ve left me deeply in the shit.

Now, it’s been OK. It’s been tight, I’ve had to move some things around, and make some arrangements – but it’s been OK. Some of that has been because of being able to invoice some other clients and have smaller amounts of money coming in from other sources. Of course, at the moment I have no other safety cushion – no overdraft, minimal savings to speak of (although both of those will be changing) – but it makes things a bit shakier than I’d like. Not as shaky as they have been in the past by any means, but I’ll be happier this year to put some fiscal cushions in place as well.

Until then, obviously I’ll be happy just to actually get paid, and have money in my account again, but it’s another thing I’ve managed to get through. And really, that’s no bad thing.


2 Comments on “Getting Through”

  1. chris says:

    Its great to see you still writing. I followed your blogs for tears but stopped when you came to a natural pause in the summer of 2011. I was driving to Norwich the other day and the road was full of idiots which made me think of you and yout tales and thought I would look to see if you were writing. Good to see you are getting back on track.

  2. Blue Witch says:

    Mr BW is always saying that many businesses wouldn’t survive without the ‘extended credit’ offered to them by smaller suppliers and contractors.

    I think it’s appalling that this is allowed to occur, in this day and age.

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