2015/16 – Finances

One of the more important things for the coming year will be continuing to rebuild my finances.

The first – and, to some degree, the biggest – step comes at the end of this year, when I make my final payment of the bankruptcy period. Really, that’s the end of it – from there, it’s just the time to rebuild and make progress. And that’ll be the plan in 2016.

Once the payments are done with, I’ll be putting the same amount into a savings account instead. I’ve got used to it going out of the account, and it’ll be the start of a good process.

I’ve got some further ideas, but the basic outline will be to build the savings up over the year, and have a decent amount by the end of the year.

I have an idea about giving myself the ability to have some time off in 2017, and the initial stage/target of that will be to have amassed at least six months pay in savings – to be able to fund a break, if that’s what I still decide to do, once this year’s plan is completed.

In similar vein, I’m considering overpaying on my bills, adding in some padding on that score as well.

Of course, it’ll also depend on having stability this year work-wise. I know my current contract will come to an end, so there’ll be a time for getting a new one and seeing what happens from there.

But all told, right now at the start of this next year’s plans, I’m feeling pretty optimistic and positive about the whole thing.

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