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Writing More

This year, I’m trying to write more – both here (which so far seems to be pretty successful) and also to get more fiction stuff done as well.

Here on D4D I’m aiming for at least a couple of posts per week, getting back into the swing of things.  I don’t know that I’ll ever go back to the daily (and multiple-times-a-day) updates of a few years back, just because I’ve changed, life’s changed, and I just haven’t felt the need to update this stuff as often anyway.

On the fiction side, I’m hoping to write a short piece a week – short-story level, maybe a thousand words at a time, and see how things go.  If it all clings together into something more, then even better.

There’s also the chance of writing something bigger, but I’m not going to guarantee anything on that one so far.

We’ll see what happens – but for now, at least it’s starting off pretty well.

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