As usual, my body has reacted negatively to the enforced day off on Sunday.

It’s no surprise – I’ve said before, any time I actually stop, I relax, and any illnesses that have been hanging around take the opportunity to pop in for a visit.

This time, it appears to be the start of a heavy cold. Nothing major, nothing that’ll stop me from the daftness of the next couple of weeks, but annoying all the same.

Among other things, I know that it’s another sign I’ve been doing too much, with little to no recovery time. As with everything else, that’s neither a surprise, nor news.

I’ll be fine, and all is good. One of those things, and it’ll all sort itself out over the Festering Season. In the mean time, I’ll be a bit snotty and a bit under the weather. But I’ll get through, as always.

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