Summer Cold

Over the last week, I’ve had another beast of a summer cold.  Entirely my own fault, having knackered myself significantly at the Ministry concert (long day in the sun, then an excessively hot gig, leading to a hefty dollop of dehydration and burnout) which weakened all my usual defences. Absolutely standard idiocy in my world, I’m used to it.

So it spent a fair amount of last week gestating, and came into proper being on Friday, and was at its worst on the Sunday.

On the Monday, I woke up at my normal time, and my entire body just went “Nope, sod off, going back to sleep”, and did so for another four hours.  (In fairness, I’d also slept abysmally up ’til that point, so it was understandable)  It made me late for work, but as that’s a moveable feast anyway, it wasn’t anything traumatic.

That sleep definitely helped sort things out – it’s still ongoing, but I’m definitely over the worst of it now.

As always, this is what happens when I slow things down…

One Comment on “Summer Cold”

  1. Gordon says:

    Or, perhaps, it’s because you don’t slow down enough, so your body doesn’t know what to do when you do slow down?

    Minds/bodies are never great at reacting to changes to patterns, that’s why we have fight/flight mechanisms for the extreme changes, but if you don’t ‘train’ your body to deal with slowing down, maybe that’s why it struggles?

    Just a thought, hope you feel better!

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