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Staying Put. Again.

This is the time of year where I decide whether to move or not.  And this year (as with the previous six and a half) I’ve decided to stay where I am. Again.

It’s weird in many ways. This is the place I’ve stayed in the longest since leaving school. I think I’ve now been here in this one house for longer than any of my relationships have lasted.

Some of it my staying here is voluntary, and some of it is less so.  During the bankruptcy process, it was easier to stay here and not have to go through the hassle of explaining to estate agents and tenancy checkers what had happened, or to get blocked at the first step (having paid a couple of hundred quid in non-refundable fees) because of credit-scoring.  It’s been a lazy way to do things, but sometimes even I just think “You know what, I don’t need that hassle in my life”.

Additionally, as I’ve said before, the best bit about where I am is how easy it is to get away from it. I can cover a huge swathe of the country in a two hour drive, and I’ve done so.  It makes everything else in life easy.  If I were stuck in the back of beyond, where it took an hour just to reach civilisation, I’d probably have moved several times.

Alongside that, I kind-of like my little house. It’s almost a hermitage in that there’s really not the room for visitors – certainly nothing that would allow friends to stay for a weekend, or whatever. That suits me, and isn’t a complaint – it’s just a fact of this place.  It means I go and see friends, they don’t come to see me. And that works OK for me.

And so far, while I’d like to move on, there’s nowhere that’s particularly calling me, nowhere that’s making me think “Yep, I want to be there”.  I’ve got two or three potential candidates in mind for my next location, but as yet there’s no real decision, no absolute “That’s the one” feeling.

And without that drive, well, for now I might as well stick with what I know.

I want to move on/away. I just don’t know where to, and don’t really have any decent reason to move, except for just “I want to”.  And at the moment, that’s simply not a good enough reason.  I suspect that next October, it might be.

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